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Derbyshire Caving Association - Everything you need to know about caving in Derbyshire
British Caving Association - The UK's caving governing body and suppliers of insurance
Council of Northern Caving Clubs
Council of Southern Caving Clubs
Descent Magazine - The UK's premier caving magazine

Equipment Suppliers

Bernies Cafe - Ingleton - Caving equipment shop and a cafe in the Yorkshire Dales
Caving Supplies - Buxton - Caving equipment shop in the Peak District
Hitch n Hike - Bamford - Caving equipment shop in the Peak District
Inglesport - Ingleton - Caving equipment shop, cafe and climbing wall in the Yorkshire Dales
Custom Duo - Petzl Duo and Speleotechnics/Headlites/FX3 LED light modules

Survey Links
Notes on Alpine Single Rope Technique